LESSONS need to be learned when it comes to rebuilding communities following two recent fires in Glasgow’s Southside which destroyed several family homes.

City Council officers are being urged to work closely with communities to better support their resilience in the wake of a disaster.

At a full council meeting councillor Hanif Raja asked the city convener for an update on the families affected by the recent fires on McCulloch Street and Albert Drive this year.

SNP councillor Kenny McLean said: “The city council has worked alongside partners to provide to appropriate assistance to those affected by the recent fires.

“For the fire on 144 McCulloch Street Southside Housing Association as owners of the building took a proactive role in the aftermath of fire including the needs of their tenants. Building standard coordinated with the emergency services on the necessary exclusion zones.

“The housing association then took over responsibility on relevant surveys on the structure and continued liaising with Police Scotland on requirements for the site.

“The association are currently looking to remove materials with a view to reducing the exclusion zone further. They have also taken on the housing needs of their tenants and the safety works have progressed to allow short visits to retrieve essential items from flats not directly affected by the fire.

“Regarding the fires at Kenmure Street/Albert Drive in 2020. These buildings were in private ownership. In April 2021 the owners applied for a building warrant for structural reinstatement works.”

Because of technical difficulties councillor Raja was unable to present a follow up question on the matter.

Councillor Jon Molyneux of the Green group asked for information on how the local authority could better support communities facing a crisis of this nature.

He said: “Does the city convener agree that there is a need to look at how we better support that resilience effort within communities that is needed on an ongoing basis.”

Councillor McLean confirmed that council officer had been working closely with the community and all the agencies within the area since the fires and will continue to do so.

He said: “Any lessons which need to be will be learned. A lot of the work is ongoing and council officers have been able to provide support wherever they can.”