I’VE been heartbroken to see the images from Miami following the building collapse last week.

It’s utterly devastating that such an incident can happen now-a-days.

I truly hope the missing residents can be found and I send my condolences out to all the families affected by this tragedy in America.

Jason White

Glasgow VAR has spoiled and maybe finished the beautiful game.

Donnie Via email

GOOD luck to the employees in future and hopefully they go on to better things and find a better employer (Revealed: Historic Scots biscuit factory owners shifted production to England, Glasgow Times online).

The decision to close the site has been made and no matter what anyone says or does it’s going to become obsolete soon.

Simon Taylor

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WELL done Kevin, the food looks fantastic (Meet the Calton boy behind trendy Barras seafood truck, Thursday).

David Boyce

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AT least Matt Hancock, right, resigned unlike other politicians who had broken Covid rules.

Alex Rhymer

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I’M glad to see that Matt Hancock has resigned.

The whole episode is simply embarrassing and I feel so sorry for his wife and children.

The British Government has to get on with guiding the UK through this pandemic.

We don’t need any distractions.

I do, however find it concerning that the CCTV footage appears to have been leaked to the media.

I hope this alleged breach is investigated. Official can’t get away with supplying CCTV footage to the media when it suits them.

Name and address supplied

I WANT to applaud all the school youngsters for getting through one of the toughest terms in living memory.

The constant stop-start nature of the term has been very tough on children, parents and children.

I just hope the next term in August can run smoothly without any forced interruptions on education.

Home-schooling is okay as a temporary measure but it doesn’t provide the necessary education.


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