AN otter has been spotted splashing about a river in Cathcart.

The playful mammal was in the White Cart Water, near to the bridge, on Delvin Road over the weekend.

Gillian Morton captured the otter on video, in what she described an "exciting" moment.

She said: “I had heard a lot reports of the elusive otters in the river.

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“I’m always having a look for something. I could see the water moving oddly, then I saw a wee face pop up.

Glasgow Times:

“I got my phone out to zoom in and I realised what I was watching and it was quite exciting.

“I could hear him splashing about and I caught him with something in his mouth.

“I’ve never spotted him before, but on the Facebook group he has been spotted a few times.

Glasgow Times:

“I don’t know if there’s more of them. It really cheered my day up, I sent the video to all of my family."