THE latest population figures for Glasgow reveal a rise to 635,640 people – with net migration driving growth.

National Records of Scotland data shows an increase of 2520 residents between mid-2019 and June 30 last year.

The net migration figure was 3260 as 32,000 people moved to Glasgow and 28,740 left the city.

Of those who moved in, 13,920 came from within Scotland, 6200 from the rest of the UK and 11,880 from overseas.

In comparison, 16,540 people left Glasgow for other parts of Scotland, 5,200 moved to another area in the UK and 7000 went abroad.

The most common moves within Scotland were from the largest cities, including Glasgow, to neighbouring council areas.

“Migration from overseas contributed to growth in the population of seven council areas in the year to mid-2020,” the report states.

“The largest percentage increases due to migration from overseas were in the four largest cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee).”

Glasgow’s population has been steadily increasing since 2006, when it was 568,480. In 2019, it was recorded as 633,120.

The latest figures only cover part of the Covid-19 pandemic, from March to June last year.

They show 6,220 births in the city, compared with 7,017 deaths.

The report states: “The pandemic has impacted the number of deaths across Scotland and restricted movement across the UK and overseas under the first national lockdown.”

Population change is mainly driven by natural factors (births minus deaths) and net migration. All areas of Scotland had more deaths than births, except Midlothian.

In Glasgow, 71% of the population is aged between 16 and 64, which is the highest percentage in Scotland. The national figure for that age bracket is 64%.

The city has the lowest percentage of over 65s, with 13%.

The estimates are based on the census and updated each year to account for changes between July 1 and June 30. It covers people living in Scotland for a period of at least 12 months.

Covid-19 impacted the availability of some data sources, delaying publication of the report from April until June this year.