A DRIVER who crashed into police in a stolen car during a pursuit has been jailed for 16 months.

Edward Boyce, 24, raced off from a petrol station in Glasgow’s Easterhouse on April 13, 2021.

Boyce sped on the wrong side of the road and repeatedly reversed into the police car.

Boyce, who has 19 previous convictions, pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to dangerous driving.

He also admitted separate charges of reset, driving without insurance and a valid licence.

The court heard officers clocked Boyce’s Volkswagen Golf at the filling station at Morrison’s near the Glasgow Fort.

Officers activated their blue light and siren.

Prosecutor Jenny Reid said: “Boyce accelerated away driving on the other side of the road to evade police by overtaking at high speed.

“He went through a puffin crossing at a red light as pedestrians were waiting to cross.”

Boyce drove past the shopping centre before doing an emergency stop.

Miss Reid added: “Police also carried out an emergency stop and at this time Boyce reversed into the vehicle twice and sped off.”

Boyce drove at 60 miles per hour in a residential area before he stopped the car and he and his four occupants fled the scene.

The car’s handbrake wasn’t applied properly and it crashed into another vehicle after rolling down a hill.

A check of the vehicle found that it was stolen in January 2021 and was given a false number plate.

Boyce wasn’t initially traced but his DVLA record showed officers that he didn’t hold a valid licence at the time of the offence.