Nicola Sturgeon denied taking a different approach to Scotland fans last week travelling to London to Rangers fans when they celebrated their league win.

She said that there were different reasons for much of the criticism of Rangers fans in George Square citing “anti-catholic abuse”.

The First Minister was asked if she regretted taking a “softly softly” approach to the Tartan Army.

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She raised the behaviour of some Rangers fans when they gathered in George Square in May when it ended in violence and police being attacked as they tried to disperse the crowd.

She said the government discouraged people from travelling and re-iterated the rules on gathering before the Scotland matches in the Euros.

Sturgeon said: "We haven't taken softly, softly approach. We can’t physically stop every person from travelling."

She said she thought there was likely a link between Scotland fans gathering to watch the match and among those travelling to London and a arise in the virus.

She said: "We asked people not to travel and not to gather in groups when it was Rangers winning the league.

"Much of the criticism was about the damage and the anti-catholic abuse that was being hurled around. Let’s not forget that."