A WOMAN high on drugs crashed her car into another vehicle - and then did the same thing again nine months later.

But Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Christine Nicolson is now trying to turn her life around after surviving an overdose.

On New Year's Day last year, around 4.10pm, the 36-year-old drove her black BMW into the back of another car.

Depute fiscal Katie Bell told the court Nicolson then approached the car she had hit, opened the driver's door and started shouting, swearing and saying they were responsible for the collision.

She then slammed the driver's door, shouting "fuck off" and walked back to her vehicle.

Witnesses noticed she was unsteady on her feet during the incident on Castle Street.

When a passer-by came to see if he could help she called him a "black b******" twice.

Police then found her walking towards Glasgow Royal Infirmary and noticed she was acting strangely, talking at excessive speed and unsteady on her feet.

As she had been involved in a road traffic accident they asked her to provide a specimen of breath, which was negative for alcohol.

But she was arrested and taken to London Road police office and was examined by the force medical examiner, cautioned, charged and made no reply.

Nine months later, on September 15 around 9.10pm, Nicolson was driving a silver Corsa when she made a left turn on to Dalmarnock Road and collided with a parked vehicle.

Ms Bell said: "She struck it with such force the vehicle travelled forward then collided with a Vauxhall."

A passer-by phoned police who arrived at the scene in time to hear a screeching noise followed by a collision behind them.

Ms Bell added: "They saw the now accused in the driver's seat colliding with another vehicle.

"She had slurred speech and her pupils were dilated.

"She had problem's standing and couldn't speak properly to the officers.

"'I hit them,' she continued to state. 'A car ran into the back of me and caused me to hit them.'

Nicolson was cautioned and charged and said in reply: "I'm starving".

Her defence brief told the court she is currently living in homeless accommodation while waiting to be rehoused.

He said: "She's got a very, very limited recollection of these events.

"She has since had a Damascene moment and referred herself for treatment.

"She had an overdose and has remained clean since.

"She has some skills and some education but has made some bad choices in her life."

Sheriff Allan Findlay deferred sentencing for two months to allow Nicolson to find stable accommodation.