WE pay the highest council tax in the country (Council to begin charging for bulk uplifts in Glasgow, Glasgow Times online).

The recycling centres are also open less hours than they were before restrictions and we are also down to three-weekly bin collections.

This local government are not working for the residents!

All about the cuts, community centres and venues getting closed around the city.

Justene Strzelecki

Via Facebook

GLASGOW City Council’s current SNP council administration doesn’t seem to be in touch with citizens’ views.

Citizens already pay council tax for city services which are much reduced. Libraries and museums are closed, grass is growing in gullies and pavements, now they are expecting voters to pay for a bulk uplift service.

Backcourts will get worse as citizens will just fly-tip couches and add to the misery of missed bin collections.

The C02 footprint will go up and the risk of fire in backcourts.

Councillors should bring this decision to the council’s finance and scrutiny committee because it’s nuts.

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ANOTHER day another record set of Covid figures in Scotland. East Lothian, which is in Level 1, is at 594.8 cases per 100,000.

Why is it not being moved up to level 2 or level 3? Glasgow was kept on level 3, so why

is the Scottish Government

not acting on East Lothian?

David Watson

Via email

IT is time Glasgow City Council got a bit of bottle and banned all marches and demonstrations in the city.

It should not matter if it is a political or a Orange, Republican march causing disruption in our streets.

They could all just go to Glasgow Green and meet as people did for hundreds of years as it was a public meeting point, as the Council seems to be closing it off for everything else.

Wm McCarron