IT'S official - cops love Line of Duty-style acronyms. 

A top police officer made the comment as he revealed the list of shorthand names for various units that will be used to maintain order when COP26 comes to Glasgow later in the year. 

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Glasgow Times: Assistant Chief Constable Bernie Higgins Assistant Chief Constable Bernie Higgins

Assistant Chief Constable Bernie Higgins said at a briefing last week: "In the police force, we love a good acronym.

"We have POS — a public order serial that is a sergeant and six officers with a driver.

“Then a PSU which is a police support unit that has three public order serials.

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Glasgow Times:

"From there we move to a BMU. That is the basic mobilisation unit which is three police support units.

“Other acronyms are PRT — the protest removal team ­— and a DEO, which is a team of disruptive effects officers."

These will be some of the crack teams police may have to use when world leaders come to town in November for crunch climate talks. 

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Viewers of the hit BBC crime drama were bamboozled by some of the show's favourite acronyms such as:

  • CHIS - which stands for "covert human intelligence source"
  • OGC - which stands for "organised criminal gangs"
  • MIT - which stands for "major investigations team"

Police Scotland are gearing up for what is thought to be the country's largest-ever policing operation. 

We revealed last week how the force's top brass was working with cops in the USA to learn about their response to the storing of Capitol Hill earlier this year ahead of the summit.