A PROTEST against tenant evictions has taken place outside a Glasgow court.

The Scottish Tenant Association (STA) gathered outside Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday afternoon as eviction cases returned as protections ended.

Under lockdown restrictions, landlords were banned from throwing tenants out if they fell behind on their rent payments.

However, as Glasgow entered level two this changed meaning thousands of people are now at risk of losing their homes.

Dozens of cases have called before Glasgow’s court system this week, while it’s understood around 7,000 tenants are likely to be served or have been served with a notice of eviction already.

The STA has called on the Scottish Government to resume the ban and ensure tenants can remain in their homes.

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Sean Clerkin, from the STA, said: “They will likely go to live with other family members in over-crowded accommodation, be put into temporary over-crowded accommodation or end up on the streets - all of it contrary to good public health increasing the risk of tenants and their families contracting the Delta variant of the Covid-19.

“We are calling on the Scottish Government for the restoration of the eviction ban at all levels in Scotland and for tenants to get immediate access to the Scottish Tenant Hardship Fund, instead of having to wait to the end of this year before they can get access to hardship grants.

“This way tenants and their families will stay safe and secure in their homes which is their inalienable human right to have in the 21st century.”

A Scottish Government spokesman urged struggling tenants to seek advice.

He said: “We have been clear from the outset that eviction action must be an absolute last step, when all other avenues have been exhausted and a tenancy is no longer sustainable.

“Earlier this week, we also welcomed the statement from local authorities, housing associations and private landlords, which underlined the sector’s commitment to only take eviction action as a last resort.

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“Our total support for tenants during the pandemic, including the £10million grant fund, is now almost £39m. We would encourage all tenants who are struggling to seek advice on their individual circumstances.”