Good to see the council wants “to make the east of Glasgow a more attractive place to live, tackle deprivation and health inequality” and are inviting responses to a new consultation “that sets out a ten-year plan”.

Are we seriously telling the people of the East End, many areas of which, such as the High Street, have been abandoned by successive councils for years that a ten-year talking shop will bring real benefit to them?

Will it be proposed that all the libraries, museums and sports facilities closed down by Glasgow Life be reopened in ten years time?

Will the shop and business owners forced out of their premises in High Street by City Properties be offered a chance to start again in a “vibrant, inclusive and liveable neighbourhood”?

The East End of Glasgow is already a living community and needs investment and fair treatment, not another costly consultation the answers to which will be filed beside the answers to the previous one.

Billy Gold

27 Forge Street

Who arrived at that figure [NHS Louisa Jordan could cost £7 million to dismantle]? Was it plucked out of the sky, was a contract sent out to tender or will it be the old cronyism or nepotism method which appears to be popular in politics today?

Surely we have someone at Holyrood who is genuinely concerned about spending taxpayers money and ask not how can we spend money but how can we save it!


East Kilbride

I was saddened to read that a homeless man was nearly forced to spend a night on the streets [Glasgow Times, Wednesday June 30]. How can we pretend to be a city that cares when he was basically tossed aside?

Robert Smith