Our readers had plenty to say on a union boss’ warning that Glasgow is not fit to host COP26 (July 1)

HE’S quite right. Many places look like a midden. Take a walk past Candleriggs Park/Square at the moment and the most appalling, sewage smell hits you.

I don’t know how people can sit out eating and drinking at the establishments nearby.

On parts of Argyle Street too, the stench is horrendous.

There also needs to be a big drive to tackle littering, with harder fines for those who drop litter in the street, or fly tip beside street bins, backcourt, laybys and country roads.

One utterly abhorrent habit I still see, on a daily basis, is spitting. Do these disgusting individuals do this in their own houses?

Do they not realise there’s a pandemic?

If I were organising COP26, I’d be too embarrassed to bring the delegates to Glasgow.

I’ll guarantee Sturgeon won’t be giving them a guided tour of her own constituency.

Colin MacEwan

Not to mention the graffiti, though I expect we will see a big clean up magically being made available just prior to November.

Anne McCurley

Spotted three guys up on the scaffolding of the Mitchell Library last night just around 11:00, look like grown men – no doubt armed with spray cans, so probably a mess for the builders when starting work this morning.

The third world country thing – thanks to social and economic divisions over many years, courtesy of amazing UK politics, rank rotten life expectancy and people on or below the breadline – was in existence long before the SNP had any control. I remember Margaret Curran saying she was sorting this out 20 years ago.

Gordon Waddell

Couldn’t agree more.

Andrew Montgomery