COUNCIL bosses have removed a community pantry fridge set up by volunteers in Queen's Park over fears of "misuse".

South Side group Food Not Bombs unveiled its well-stocked fridge, chained to the fence on the main path near the Victoria Road entrance to the park.

But this morning organisers noticed the fridge had been taken and was nowhere to be found.

It, and all the contents, had been removed leaving just the grill at the back of the container remaining.

The Glasgow Times asked if Glasgow City Council was responsible for the removal and a spokesman confirmed this is the case.

Food Not Bombs told the Glasgow Times: "We are really angry that the council has directly interfered with our attempt to provide vital resources for our community.

"The reason the pantry was created is because the government is failing to live up to its duty to ensure its citizens’ basic needs.

"We have dealt with so many requests from people who cannot afford food, nappies, formula milk etc.

"There are people struggling to feed themselves and keep their children alive due to the negligence of the government.

"Instead of trying to make that better, they are in direct opposition to our effort to make a difference for our community."

The council spokesman said: “We understand the good intentions behind this idea, but we were concerned the unsupervised fridge could be misused and lead to harm of someone in need.

“On balance we felt the safest option was to have it removed.”

The community pantry was met with praise when it was unveiled, offering food, toiletries and baby milk formula to anyone in need.

A notebook and pen were left inside the fridge for people to add special requests.
One the Food Not Bombs Facebook page, the group had written: "Ta daaah! please welcome to the world our brand new community pantry. 

"No referrals, no means testing, no worries.

"It’s currently full of snacks, baby formula, pasta, nappies, tomato sauce, sanitary products, water, jam, beans, toothpaste, curries, shampoo and baby wipes."