One reader had plenty to say on the new series of TV hit Love Island...

Regarding all the fuss about this brain numbing program.

Why is it even on TV? This, and Big Brother , X Factor, Dancing on Ice, The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer, I’m a Celeb Get Me Out of Here, and many more rubbish.

Is this now classed as entertainment? I’m old enough to remember when television only had two channels and were in black and white.

Now we have countless channels with maybe a handful that is watchable.

We now pay a TV licence to watch mundane rubbish for the brain dead.


Holyrood want Glaswegians to inform their MSPs about their priorities in this Parliament (July 2).

Priority one: a Criminal Enquiry into care home deaths caused by those self same MSPs and others.

D Mclean

I would like to commend Martin the butcher (pictured inset) for putting his skydive birthday present to use.

Deciding to raise money for mental health charities following loss in the local community is very important.

We need more community-based help for people suffering with mental health problems.

Well done Martin for completing his skydive. I hope you enjoyed it, and you should be very proud.

J Drummond,


My heart goes out to the Pollokshields fire victims.

It is beyond time a proper survey of that area was done and a reason given for the flammable nature of the tenements there. The residents must live in permanent fear.

Margaret King