THIS weekend, we can join the annual celebration of small business and promote diversity in our local high streets by taking part in Independents’ Day UK.

By choosing to “stay local, pledge a few pounds and support our small shops”, we will be valuing independent retailers that give Glasgow its distinct character.

We have seen incredibly versatile independent retailers offering increased choices, a range of products and services, and a more personal service in response to the pandemic. Independent retailers have found solutions to any number of problems that have come their way as they responded to the Covid crisis.

They have adopted new ways of running their business and staying connected to their customers at this difficult time. Many small businesses have developed through digital investment and taking their services online.

Our high streets are still full of treasures in the shape of a wonderful independent business.

It is essential that shoppers consider information about what is available in their local shopping centres and they are educated about the impact of their spend.

Buying clothes, meeting your DIY requirements, shopping for a piece of kitchenware, getting a gift and a card for someone special, treating your pet or just having a coffee and something to eat with an independent business makes a world of difference.

Independents’ Day UK research has identified that if every adult spent just £3 at an independent business, between today and tomorrow, this could generate additional income of £153 million to the retail sector or around £750 per retailer.

Independents account for about 65% of the approximately 290,000 retail outlets in the UK and are clearly at the heart of local communities.

You could pick out one or two independent retailers that you’ve never visited before and pledge that you make a visit over the weekend.

The retail sector’s spending is under pressure, and never have businesses needed our support more.

Shopping local keeps resources in your economy, supports jobs and enriches local communities.

Green councillors support aligning public procurement, enterprise agencies and other business support and grant schemes, including Business Gateway services, to support recovery programmes for good independent businesses.

UK Independents’ Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness and express our gratitude to independent retailers and their employees for the fantastic contribution they make to our communities.

We have to make it clear that abuse of retail workers is unacceptable. In a recent survey by the trade Union USDAW, 79% of shop workers say abuse was worse last year.

Retail employers, leading retail bodies and the shop workers’ trade union have highlighted the need for legislation due to the customers assaulting, threatening and terrifying shop workers.

Members of the Scottish Parliament voted through a new ground-breaking law to give shop workers the protection they deserve earlier this year.

You can show support for key workers across the retail sector and help prevent staff facing more abuse around enforcing Covid shopping rules. It is clear that violence against someone working to serve the public in Glasgow is not acceptable.