I look forward to the Labour group on Glasgow City Council blaming Susan Aitken for the recent bad weather.

There must be some way they can find of pinning the forces of nature on the hated SNP.

There is nothing they won’t try to blame the SNP for, even when they were responsible for much of this city’s decline for decades.

Tom McClean


The lovely story in your newspaper about Tricia Urquhart at the Marie Curie hospice (‘An absolute joy’: Glasgow Marie Curie volunteer awarded for dedication) is a fantastic reminder of how important volunteers are in our city.

This lady has obviously had a lot to deal with in her own life, which just underlines how selfless she is. There are so many good causes in Glasgow which depend on volunteers and I for one am very grateful there are people like Tricia in this world.

Valerie Craig


I can’t believe my eyes watching the Orange Order parades return to the city. Half of our businesses are still closed, and patients are still in limbo when they will receive vital medical appointments. Not to mention the number of peaceful protests, such as vigils for Sarah Everard, which were blocked from going ahead. Is now really the time? I think not.

A Glancy


The city centre feels like a no-go zone at the moment.

The Four Corners has always been an area I’ve steered clear of as it’s so busy with youths being loud and unruly and the police are never away. But this disorder seems to be spilling out of the Four Corners and further afield.

What are the council and the police going to do about it?

Harry Frew