I note Mr Mclean’s letter in the Glasgow Times (July 6) saying other parties should be blamed.

I would like a reality check. The current SNP administration have made the city a coup.

The free bulk uplift service has been removed resulting in fly-tipping increasing, litter and graffiti has increased, grass is growing in the gullies, citizens pay the highest council tax, the pot holes has increased, the free grass cutting service has been cut and the introduction of a 3 weekly bin system.

I wonder if the policy makers who made these illogical decisions actually live in the city and see the detriment it has on the city.

Name and address supplied

I was angered to read about the criticism of the SNP by your reader. They are the only party who care about Glasgow.

Louis Morrison

I can’t be the only one who is fed up of hearing about Freedom Day? We have had constant carrots dangled throughout the last 15 months and we never quite make it. How can we be so confident of where we’ll be in a couple of weeks when we can barely predict tomorrow?

M Martin


So, just months after they were put down, the council have decided to rip up cycle path markers outside of Celtic Park.

How much is this costing the tax payer and what scheme will they come up with next?

D Mains

As a Celtic fan, I am deeply offended by the council’s decision to remove the cycle lanes from outside Paradise. Do they really think we are so stupid as to not notice them while crossing the road? Or are they trying to insinuate that we’d be taking compo claims to them left, right and centre if we did?

H Gallagher