And so they should be [removed] all over Glasgow.

There is utter chaos in Pollock as motorists – you know the people who pay for the roads – approach the roundabout at Braidcraft Road and Barrhead Road all try to converge into one lane without wrecking their tyres on the humps.

As usual the idiots at Glasgow City Council have got it all wrong.


I could not believe my eyes this morning as the safety bollards (only just re inserted with screws) that protect adult and child cyclists were removed from outside Celtic Park. Already a van had parked in the lane making us have to move into the oncoming traffic and the men were still taking them out at the time!

The same police that told me “nothing to do with us unless there has been an accident” (when I complained about the cars racing up our one way street the wrong way) are afraid that Celtic fans may trip over the rubber bollards inserted to protect cyclists from certain death on a major busy road.

So it seems that the prospect of death is not as important as tripping.

However may I make a suggestion? The kerb needs smoothed out as it is a trip hazard and the stairs need removed inside the stadium as they will be very dangerous, a lot more dangerous in a mass evacuation than the rubber bollards on the road. Surely there is more to this than meets the eye! Did someone in Celtic not like the inconvenience?

This complete travesty of safety surely could have been solved another way at less cost?

Flags in the holes on the bollards on match days [or] fluorescent paint?

Or are football fans more important than the safety of those who do not pollute the atmosphere and exercise?

J Sillars