What are your memories of the Glasgow Fair?

Did you queue for the bus, or rush for the train that would take you to the coast?

Do you recall long summer days - or splashing your way through the downpours?

Glasgow Times: Traditional Glasgow Fair holiday weather back in 1965.

Maybe you stayed at home, and made the most of the waltzers and shows on Glasgow Green.

Send us your memories of this famous Glasgow holiday, which used to mean, for citydwellers at least, that all the factories and offices shut down and everyone went away for a break.

Nowadays, it is far less strictly adhered to, but many still have memories of trips ‘doon the watter’ to Rothesay and Millport, or the shows arriving at Glasgow Green.

And this year, with staycations on the rise and no chance of restrictions being lifted on many foreign destinations, perhaps the Glasgow Fair Fortnight will be busy in the city once more.

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Our photographers have captured many magical moments from Fair Fortnights of times gone by, like this little chap and his cheery wave awaiting the adventure to start as he sits on the suitcases raring to go.

Our shot of some hardy individuals refusing to give up despite the weather was taken in 1965.

Glasgow Times: Scenes like this, from Central Station in the 1930s, were a common sight at the start of the Fair.

And this picture of a seething Central Station in the 1930s will bring back memories of waiting for the train to sunnier climes...

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