A BRAND new deli - dubbed 'the Willy Wonka of sandwiches' by customers - is impressing South Siders by bringing new flavours to the humble breakfast roll. 

Silk Road Deli on Minard Road in Shawlands has been launched by ex-star of the BBC's Million Pound Menu, Tanya Golhil, and her partner, Ross Lunniss, after moving to Glasgow from London.

Deli offerings such as the harissa-infused hash tattie roll have been a massive hit with customers since opening last month.

Glasgow Times: Tanya Gohil, co-owner of Silk Road DeliTanya Gohil, co-owner of Silk Road Deli

Tanya says that they were drawn to bringing their intricate flavours to Glasgow after lockdown shone a light on their London lifestyle.

She said: "I had been working in London running a street food stall, working with similar flavours that we are using now and after Million Pound Menu, we were really committed to launching and staying in London at first.

Glasgow Times:

"And then the pandemic happened.

"Everything went topsy-turvy and it really shone a light on how difficult it would be to do what we wanted to do in London."

The couple moved to Glasgow after hearing recommendations from friends who had recently made the move themselves.

Glasgow Times:

Tanya said: "We decided on Shawlands and the South Side of Glasgow because there is a really great melting pot of diversity here."

The team have created a hybrid menu of traditional deli grub, mixed with spices from India, Kenya, Korea and many more locations.

Glasgow Times:

She said: "I wanted to bring these flavours which could normally be intimidating for people to try in a way that was accessible to them.

Glasgow Times: Tanya with the Nonya Bidness sandwichTanya with the Nonya Bidness sandwich

"Silk Road Deli is giving another twist to the traditional European deli and shining a light on these amazing flavours that people can enjoy."

For first time visitors to Silk Road Deli, Tanya recommends the beautifully-spiced Bombay Eggs, and well as the Nonya Bidness sandwich, complete with roast aubergine and a mix of basil, coriander, mint and crushed peanuts.

The future of Silk Road Deli is looking bright, with plans to open for evening menus, as well as an online shopping service.

Tanya said: "We want to become a hub in the community, eventually offering things like cooking classes and even film screenings. We're also thinking about doing weekend tapas-style plates for social dining out."

Glasgow Times:

Tanya has loved their welcome to the area, with customers and businesses welcoming them with open arms.

She said: "We want to thank everyone for being so welcoming to us so far.

"Everyone from customers, to even local businesses, have given us such a warm welcome - you definitely don't get it this much in London!"