I NOTE the leader of the council is looking for devolved powers to reduce C02 emissions and plant trees. Why don’t we plant trees on every corner at the City Chambers?

The CCTV cameras in Sauchiehall Street can’t see because of the trees not being cut back.

It’s a good idea but trees grow roots which undermine building foundations.

Who is going to cut and prune them, there is no staff and will this be like other flawed decisions like the food waste bins and charging for the bulk uplift service?

Name and address supplied

Our readers had plenty to say on First Minister’s Nicola Sturgeon’s note of caution yesterday over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s so-called ‘freedom day’ (July 7)

An exception to what? The political gameplaying of Scottish and Welsh governments? She is wielding the little power she has.

Cailean Reader

Can anyone tell me one good thing that our Scottish Government has given us in the past couple of years?

George Oliver

Just resign Sturgeon. What a mess you and your people have made.

Moonk Calder

No more government intervention, they are doing more harm than good now. Enough is enough.

Bobby Ewing

Little miss BAFTA is loving the limelight and won’t give it up easily even though she is making a pig’s ear of it – “aye but Westminster” pfffft!

Juango Guatemala

YOU’LL have to forgive me if I don’t quite trust Boris Johnson to have the best interests of the public in mind in his decision-making process here.

I would not say he consciously sets out to make decisions that

will result in additional coronavirus deaths. Instead, I would say his decision-making process is skewed.

This is a party that Glasgow only knows too well has little regard for the little man. If you spend your life surrounded by people with a similar mindset, as Boris has, where money rules supreme, how can we expect him to have his priorities right making life-or-death decisions like this that also involve the heavy stakes of the economy? His scales are not balanced.

I must say, the Scottish Parliament on this – across all parties – seems to be better, with more real-world experience

Colin W