Work has started on a site for a new Burger King and Starbucks drive thru development in the west of Glasgow.

Mechanical diggers have moved on to the stretch of green space between the Clydeside Expressway and Glasgow Harbour, close to the Thornwood Roundabout.

The plans are for a Starbucks Café and Burger King restaurant two separate drive thrus on the site.

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The café and restaurant will be able to operate from 7am until midnight.

Glasgow Times:

The development was given approval despite objections from the local MP, the then MSP, and a local councillor.

Carol Monaghan Glasgow North West SNP MP said the development would have an impact on local traffic.

Glasgow Times:

She said: “The Thornwood area already suffers from poor air quality.”

She added it would have an adverse impact on existing local food and drink outlets.

She added: “The long opening hours proposed are likely to cause significant disturbance.”

Sandra White, former SNP MSP for Kelvin, said, before she stood down at this year’s election, of the plan it was counter to council policies.

She said: “I also object in order to preserve and protect green space, in a bid to further Glasgow City Council’s stated aims regarding active travel as well as discouraging unnecessary car use.”

An original planning application was submitted in 2018 for a two storey KFC with a single storey Starbucks.

A revised plan was submitted earlier this year for a single storey Burger King and a Starbucks.

The applicant, McInally Associates said that the site was clearly marked in 2001 as a development site under the Glasgow Harbour Masterplan.

The said it will “create a welcoming safe and pleasant environment for people”.