OUR readers had lots of thoughts on yesterday’s news, ranging from the new beer garden at Lauders to the Bellshill fire, here’s a selection of the best bits.

I WAS so interested to read the story about the gardening club in Gartnavel Royal.

I had no idea the grounds of the hospital had such history or that this work was being done there.

In among all the doom and gloom it’s just so nice to read something hopeful.

Clara Smith


Have an al fresco pint and take in the splendour of the eyesore that is the old BHS building.

They should be knocking that monstrosity down.

Tito Amendola

It can’t be too early to speculate. We only have a short window until we know what the cause is and then it will be too late to speculate.

It’s speculation time.

David Callaghan

A newspaper that claims to cover West of Scotland should not describe Bellshill as “near Glasgow”. Bellshill alone is suffice, we all know where it is. The town has produced some of Scotland’s most famous football people.

John McLeod