SIR BILLY CONNOLLY has revealed his "fashion secret" in a video uploaded to Twitter yesterday.

His wife Pamela Stephenson shared a video of the Big Yin featuring a tribute to Celtic Football Club.

She said: "Billy you're such a fashion maven, what's your secret?"

The Glaswegian laughs before responding, "Go shopping alone."

Before the video ends Pamela Stephenson says: "Let's see your mask."

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The 78-year-old comedian can be seen lifting up a green and white striped face mask with the Celtic Football Club logo.

The couple now live in the Florida Keys.

Sir Billy, who was a welder in his home city of Glasgow before becoming an entertainer, is to publish an autobiography called Windswept And Interesting in the autumn.

He will recount stories from his life in the book which is set to be published on October 14.