READERS gave their views on the 11pm Glasgow Green fan zone curfew as punters missed the Euro 2020 trophy award. Here’s a selection of responses...

TYPICAL of what is happening in Scotland.

No-one seems to be able to think for themselves or use some common sense.

We are told how to bring up our kids, free speech is a thing of the past, and all our libraries and the majority of our social clubs have been closed down.

George Oliver

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EVEN the screening at Queen’s Park ended after the last penalty. Fans didn’t get to see the trophy getting lifted. Pretty sure the pubs were the same as most are still closing at 10.30pm – like a virus can tell what time it is!


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IT’S a disgrace to have the fan zone and then refuse to let supporters watch the end of the tournament.

The rules are getting changed every week.

No-one will listen to the guidelines now if it keeps going on for much longer. It’s pathetic.



THE fan zone shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place.

It was the last thing our city needed at this time.

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I NOTE Glasgow City Council, as usual, didn’t do a full consultation with the residents of Glasgow on the charges for the bulk uplift service.

I note in the residential complex where I stay there is a build-up of disposed wardrobes, couches, and TVs Will it take a mini-Grenfell fire disaster like in London and lost lives because councillors thought it was a good idea to implement charges?

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