During this Glasgow heatwave, we can't help but find ourselves fantasising about the ultimate sweet treat to combat the hot and sticky evenings.

Is there any better solution than combining a scoop of luxurious ice cream with our some of our tea break favourites?

That’s right, artisan ice cream makers Equi’s and confectionary legends Lees have made our summer dessert dreams come true with a one-off collaboration to create two incredible recipes.

Glasgow Times:

Chris Law, head of marketing at Equi’s Ice Cream, said: “We love Lees’ products and as we’re all spending more time at home we thought we’d create some recipes for people to get behind this summer.”

The ‘Scottish Summer Piece’, is made from ‘Equi’s multi-award-winning Double Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two of Lees of Scotland’s famous melt-in-your-mouth Strawberry and White Chocolate Dipped Meringues, fresh locally-sourced Scottish strawberries and a sprinkle of freeze-dried raspberries.’

Glasgow Times:

Next up is the tantalisingly named ‘Strawberry Bomb’ featuring Equi’s Strictly Strawberry vegan ice cream, Lees of Scotland creamy Snowballs, and their sensational mini Jam Teacakes for added texture and bite, along with a drizzle of raspberry sauce’.

We want one of each right now. Maybe two.

Glasgow Times:

Lees of Scotland CEO, Clive Miquel, said: “With temperatures soaring it’s great to partner with a Scottish ice cream favourite like Equi’s and showcase the many ways you can enjoy a Lees of Scotland Snowball, Teacake, or Meringue.”

As if we weren’t excited enough about this match made in heaven, the brands are also offering the chance to win a whole host of ice cream and confectionary goodies to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 18 via their social media accounts.

Summer just got a whole lot sweeter.

See both the recipes in full below and make sure to check out @equisicecream and @leesofscot for more info on giveaways.

Glasgow Times:

Scottish Summer Piece 


  • Lees of Scotland Strawberry and White Chocolate Dipped Meringues,
  • Fresh locally-sourced Scottish strawberries
  • Equi's Double Vanilla Ice Cream
  1. Take double scoops of ice cream and sandwich between the meringues.
  2. Add strawberries
  3. Pick up with your hands and enjoy!

Strawberry Bomb 


  • Lees of Scotland Jam Teacakes & Snowballs
  • Fresh locally-sourced Scottish strawberries
  • Equi's Strictly Strawberry Ice Cream


  1. Take triple scoops of Equi's Strictly Strawberry ice cream
  2. Cut Teacakes & Snowballs in half or quarters
  3. Layer up your treats in the sundae glass.
  4. Add strawberries
  5. Tuck in!