Cone, tub, flake or wafer, we’ll happily dig into any kind of ice cream.

It’s understandable then that we were delighted to hear July has been dubbed ‘National Ice Cream Month’. As if we needed any more excuses to indulge?

To celebrate, we’ve made a list of our top five places worth leaving Glasgow for if you’re looking to turn your search for the perfect scoop into a full blown day out:

Glasgow Times:

Nardini’s - Largs

1 hour from Glasgow.

The list just wouldn’t be complete without Nardini’s in Largs. A summer holiday institution, we all have fond memories of sitting on the pebbly beach with a tub of the parlour’s classic ice cream and a tiny plastic spoon.

Glasgow Times:

Mary’s Milk Bar - Edinburgh

1 hour 5 minute drive from Glasgow.

Make the most of the Scottish sunshine by grabbing yourself a takeaway cone to eat in Edinburgh’s grass market.

A firm favourite with locals and tourists alike, Mary’s Milk bar specialises in less traditional ice cream flavours like Gorgonzola and pear or Tarragon and Caramel.

Perfect if you’re itching to try something a little less vanilla.

Glasgow Times:

The Milk Barn - Falkirk

40 minute drive from Glasgow.

This might just be the freshest Ice cream you’ll ever eat. The Milk Barn in Falkirk uses milk from its very own herd of cows to make luxurious flavours like cherry pie or Ferrero Rocher

You can even take a look at how the Ice Cream is made through the shops ‘viewing window’.

Colpi - Milngavie

25 minute drive from Glasgow.

Priding themselves on their 100-year-old Italian recipe, Colpi in Milngavie uses only natural ingredients without any artificial colourings or additives to make their silky smooth ice cream.

If it ain’t broke…

The Pokey Hat - Oban

2 hours 15 minute drive from Glasgow.

The insta-worthy, pastel shop front at the Pokey Hat in Oban is the first indication that you’re in for a real treat.

Their ice cream more than lives up to expectations with indulgent classics like Toffee Ripple or specials like Reese’s Peanut butter cup flavoured.

Enjoy your Italian-style ice cream by the sea for the perfect summer day out.