When it comes to gluten-free dining, beggars definitely can’t be choosers.

It’s typically a “take what you can get” deal, and although I’m not coeliac myself, I’m often left watching my partner eat his sad fruit salad desserts and bunless burgers every time we go out.

That is until we stumbled upon Diamond Inn on Dumbarton Road.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

What first appeared to be a rather unassuming Chinese takeaway has turned into a tasty haven for my house, and last week’s order was no different.

We’d decided pretty early on that we were hankering for a Chinese (just the mere sentence ‘I can’t be bothered cooking’ had our minds set instantly), and so we were able to take advantage of their 5-7pm meal deal. It took around 50 minutes to arrive, which was a bit disappointing as it was a Tuesday night, but that disappointment was immediately pushed to the side when it arrived.

To start, I opted for the vegetable pancake rolls, while my partner ate his weight in prawn crackers - while the pancake rolls were absolutely delicious, there was far too many for just little ol’ me, and coupled with the free helping of Thai spring rolls that the Diamond Inn team throw in with any order over £15, I could have easily lived off the portion for a week.

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Glasgow Times:

But we made sure to save room for the main event, where I nabbed the sweet and sour chicken in batter with fried rice, and my partner took on the salt and chilli chicken fried rice and chicken with onion, both gluten free on request.

The sweet and sour sauce was perfectly tangy, but came without my favourite part - the pineapple. It may have just been the version I ordered, but I couldn’t help a feeling of disappointment at the absence of the sweet pineapple.

The chicken fried rice, with the optional salt and chilli added on, was a tad too spicy for my sensitive taste buds - but this is coming from someone who could find a bit of nippiness in a Korma.

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Glasgow Times:

To my partner, it was a delicious accompainment to his chicken and onion, with crispy onions and a sweet sauce over nicely cooked chicken. But the main event, for me, was the salt and pepper chips.

The perfect combination of crispy yet fluffy, they were chips that I couldn’t help but eat one after the other after the other.

To the envy of my partner, they weren’t gluten free, but the choice offered by this takeaway is not one to be missed for anyone following a gluten free diet.

Happy Meal One (Vegetable pancake rolls, Sweet and sour chicken in batter, fried rice): £7.60

Salt and Pepper Chips: £3.60

Salt and chilli chicken Fried Rice (large): £7.60

Chicken with onion: £4.90

Thai spring rolls: Free

Delivery: £1.50

Service charge: £0.50

Total: £25.70

Home delivery time: 50 minutes Rating: ****