RECORD shops across Glasgow are gearing up to host the second of this year’s Record Store Day (RSD) celebrations this weekend.

Now in its 14th year, the annual event will see more than 250 independent record stores across the UK sell thousands of copies of exclusive and limited-edition vinyl.

Organisers have decided to follow last year’s model of having two separate record ‘drops’ due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions

The first drop was held on Saturday, June 12, with the second taking place tomorrow, July 17.

More than 200 one-off vinyl will be up for grabs in-store tomorrow from 9am, including key releases from The Cure, Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley, Björk, Freddie Mercury, Bastille and The Cranberries.

If you can’t make it to a record store in-person, don’t fret – any remaining stock will be sold by participating venues online at 6pm.

Here’s a list of six independent record shops to visit in the city this weekend.

1. Strip Joint Records, Argyle Street

This boutique West End spot is located inside the Strip Joint Bar/Restaurant in Finnieston.

The vinyl only seller specialises in new releases and classic records in-store and online, with the collection available to browse after you purchase your RSD picks.

The shop will open its doors to punters at 8am and staff are expecting a queue from the early hours.


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2. Monorail Music, Kings Court

Record Store Day veterans Monorail Music will be open for business once again this weekend.

Music fans inevitably queuing outside the city centre store will be let in at 9am, with staff on hand to prep orders from wish lists at 8am.

If you’re looking to make a day of it, the popular Mono vegan café bar will open at 11am for socially distanced pints and food post-record shopping.


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3. Some Great Reward, Victoria Road

Some Great Reward is a record store and takeaway coffee shop in the South Side of the city.

The Govanhill shop, which shares its name with a 1984 Depeche Mode album, will open at 9am on Saturday and staff will be collecting customers’ wish lists from down the queue to pick orders in advance.

The indie spot is offering a full list of titles, including pricing and quantity, which can be viewed online.

4. Love Music, Dundas Street

Selling vinyl since 1997, Love Music is a small, old-school record shop in the heart of the city centre.

Located beside Queen Street Station, the indie store shelves all genres of music – and its owners are renowned for going all out for Record Store Day.

They have also encouraged customers to bring along a physical wish list that can be collected and pre-picked while you queue.

5. Mixed Up Records, Otago Lane

Another West End store participating in this year’s second RSD Drops event is new and second-hand vinyl seller Mixed Up Records.

The popular spot is tucked away off Gibson Street and caters to all music lovers, with records spanning all genres and decades up for sale.

It will be open from 9am tomorrow and remaining stock will be up for grabs on its website from 6pm.

6. Mostly Vinyl Micky, Gallowgate

The East End’s very own Mostly Vinyl Micky has taken part in RSD for the first time this year.

The vinyl shop can be found beside the city’s world-famous Glasgow Barrowlands and will host the second ‘drop’ event tomorrow morning.

Doors will open at 8am and owners will help customers to pre-pack from a wish list on a first come, first served basis, if they wish.


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You can see the full list of the special releases for RSD 2021’s second drop HERE.