AS the new stadium rules were announced yesterday by the SNP, many were annoyed with the 2000 fans cap, especially in the larger stadiums. Paired with the Great Scottish Run getting cancelled the day previous, many could only look to the Euros in bewilderment – although some defended the decision. HAMPDEN had more, set up a fan zone during Euros, but clubs are limited to a couple thousand fans? Shambles.

Phil Short


THEY [Rangers] are 100% correct, as are the Celtic fans who are wondering why they can’t go and watch their club, yet could go and watch Scotland, Sweden, Ukraine or any English team. It’s an absolute disgrace. The clubs need to get together and do something against this joke of a “Government”.

Steven Boyle


IT’S really sociopathic to think these precautions are some joke. Lifting all restrictions has led to devastating outbreaks in some countries. Getting upset about a game is moronic when people are literally needing help breathing.

Andy Russell


THE SNP make it up as they go!

Justene Strzelecki


EVERY club in the country should be raging with this...

Stephen Davis


UEFA were in charge at Hampden and told Sturgeon 12,000 or they would take the games away. Now Sturgeon is in charge Rangers get 2000 fans. Is anyone surprised? Celtic have asked for 18,000 for their game next week. Will they get them?

John Bones


AFTER Wembley and Hampden she [Sturgeon] can do one. I really dislike Rangers but even I can see that this is shamefully bias against Scottish clubs.

Ava Townsley


RIDICULOUS and makes no sense when Hampden had 12,000 a few weeks ago.

Gillian Campbell


I URGE every fan to boycott and let their clubs fight our corner.

Karolyn Cing


DON’T care what team it is, it’s a bloody joke, just don’t get where she’s [Sturgeon] pulling these rules from.

Mags Roe


EVERYONE saying about fans being in Hampden – it was not Sturgeon’s decision she was forced to do it so blame Uefa ... if she had her way there would have been zero fans at Euros.

Scott Laidlaw