THE wearing of face masks on public transport has been mandatory for over a year now, and the SNP government has never enforced the rule. I have written to Nicola Sturgeon and sent emails to her Ministers regarding the wearing of masks on First Bus Glasgow, and I am still waiting for a reply well they can wait for my reply when they send a postcard looking for my vote.

William McCarron



I STILL find it hard to believe that there are still letters complaining about losing cycle lanes. Last week the story was of the cycle lane being removed at Celtic Park A spokesman said that it would increase the hazard to cycle in traffic. He is conveniently forgetting the cyclists who cycle on pavements trying to avoid pedestrians, going the wrong way on one way streets, go through red lights et al.

Mark Mcnulty

Via email


WITH regards to road closures due to works on a street in the West End, it says: “The full length of Teviot street in Kelvinhaugh will be closed to traffic from Friday, July 16 until Sunday, July 18.” Will the full length of the street be re-covered though? Most streets seem to be only getting stretches re-surfaced and just down from them are tyre damaging obstacles – like on Byres Road. Can the contractors not sweep up the chippings and tarmac as they complete? They used to but now it seems the normal is to leave it including on the pavements!

Westender 1

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PATHETIC decision from Glasgow City Council to only let 9000 fans through the turnstiles for Celtic’s UCL qualifier against FC Midtjylland (Celtic granted permission for increased capacity for Champions League qualifier against Midtjylland, Glasgow Times online). When you take into consideration that Paradise can hold 60000+ fans and is a massive stadium, 9000 is nothing. A more realistic figure would have been 15000 who could have been spread around the stadium safely without any risk to anyone’s health.

Martin McGrory

Posted online


SO nightclubs in Scotland still can’t open but they can in England from next week – the rules are simply crazy. The Scottish Government simply doesn’t care about these busineses. The entertainment industry is yet again suffering. However, rules were able to change when Uefa wanted a fan zone in the city. I wonder how many much-loved nightclubs in Glasgow will never re-open again due to the over-the-top rules in place in our country.