YOU can ‘wish it away.’ Stop getting tested and you can soon forget about it (‘We can’t simply wish it away’ – Nicola Sturgeon issues Covid reminder for Scotland amid talk of ‘Freedom Day’ in England, Glasgow Times online).

Everyone who is at risk has been vaccinated and those who refuse, well that’s their choice isn’t it?

Cases are not deaths and a lot of the cases in hospital are co-incidental. People are going in for other things as the ONS admitted.

If we constantly tested for the common cold we would be alarmed by the ‘rise in cases’ at certain times of the year.

Go back to normal and it’ll all be over.

If you are really worried about the virus, and don’t think the vaccine works (why get it then?) then continue to protect yourself as you have been doing.

Let the rest of us get back to living and start paying all this mess back.

Malcolm B - Posted online

WELL done to the First Bus driver on the No87 bus on Sunday from Buchanan Bus Station.

He was very brave and forthright with his view to the passenger who refused to wear a face covering.

I wish more drivers would do this as I’m sick of seeing passengers flout the rules while my seven-year-old daughter wears her mask.

SL - Via email

I WAS shocked by the amount of under-age drinkers I spotted in and around Kelvingrove Park on Saturday.

Do parents not care anymore about what their children are getting up to now-a-days?

I feel sorry for the police who have to patrol the park. Some of these kids could hardly stand up as they had drunk so much.

May Watson, Glasgow

I WAS in Glasgow city centre at the weekend and it was great to all the filming going on for the new Indiana Jones movie.

Everyone was trying to get a glimpse and there was so much excitement in the air. Glasgow is just perfect as a film backdrop.

Rita Williams, Milngavie