IT'S a typical, if sweary, response to someone who is "punching" way above their weight with their other half. 

And it makes Line Of Duty star Martin Compston "proud" to be Scottish, the Greenock-born actor told his Twitter followers yesterday. 

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You wouldn't say it in front of your gran, but "well in s******" has to be the most standard Scottish response when your pal shows you their significant other - and they are way out their league. 

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The Nest actor said: "Put a lovely picture of my wife on Instagram story saying how out my league she is. The fact the most popular response is ‘well in shagger’ has never made me more proud to be Scottish."

We told previously how the former Greenock Morton player blasted racist trolls who were abusing England players after the team's defeat on penalties at the hands of the Italians at this year's Euros final.