No matter what you consider your favourite meal to be, there aren't many culinary experiences that can compete with a plate of fresh, homemade pasta.

This belief is shared by chef John Traynor who hopes that the opening of his new deli La Pastina will help revitalise the West End.

The 30-year-old said: “Byres Road is going through such a massive revival at the moment. There’s Juicy, Ka Pao is just around the corner and the Crabshakk who are hoping to open soon. 

“It feels good to be setting up as another independent business in a place where big chain restaurants haven’t made it.

“I think the West End is going to be the in place to go again soon.” 

Glasgow Times:

Due to open in mid-August, La Pastina will be offering a takeaway deli service with handmade speciality pastas as well as classic Italian produce. 

John said: “People don’t want to buy dried pasta, they want it fresh and homemade, which is what we’ll be doing.  

“To be honest with you it’s a skillset that a lot of chefs in Glasgow don’t have at the moment. 

“I’ve always loved cooking and eating Italian food.

“I like having something I can touch and feel when I’m making it, and I love that satisfaction you get from an amazing finished product that you’ve made by hand.” 

Glasgow Times:

More than enough to tempt you away from your sad supermarket penne and pesto dinner, La Pastina will specialise in all kinds of different hand-crafted pastas .

John said: “We’ll be offering lots of different shapes and sizes, as well as filled varieties like ravioli.  

“It’s a deli set up where we’ll weigh everything out so that you can come in and pick up as many portions as you need and dressings to go with it. 

“At the same time you’ll be able to come in and have a great Italian coffee, pick up a sandwich or pastry or choose some produce from our counter full of meats and cheeses.” 

Glasgow Times:

This impressive concept comes as no surprise given John’s experience of working for some of Glasgow’s most popular restaurants and cooking for famous football legends like Osdonne Edourd or ex-Celtic boss Neil Lennon.

John said: “I was the executive chef Porter and Rye and then The Finnieston before going on to work in product development. 

“Recently I’ve been working on a contract with a football player as well as opening the deli at the same time.

“It’s been a very busy couple of months.” 

Glasgow Times:

Despite his star studded CV, John says one of the key goals of La Pastina will be to think small and celebrate local produce from independent businesses.

He said: “I’m from Garthamlock myself, so it’s important to me to have unique Glasgow brands in the deli. It won’t just be pasta. 

“We want to have a five to 10 mile radius section where people will know that the stuff has come from within that distance of Byres Road featuring everything from honey to chocolates to alternative meats.  

“We’re showcasing Glasgow itself as much as handmade pasta.” 

Glasgow Times:

As the opening of La Pastina draws closer, John is looking forward to seeing his long term life-goal of opening his own space become a reality. 

He said: “When I was 16 I actually set up a business ISA because I always had  this dream that I would own my own restaurant. 

“Now I have this opportunity to open somewhere with a great concept and location. I'm over the moon.

“We’re really excited to build some momentum and bring something a bit different to the street.” 

La Pastina is set to open on August 19 at 180 Byres Road.