I CAN’T believe the Hydro is being closed down so early for Covid vaccinations.

Does the Scottish Government not want to get on top of this virus and help ensure lives are saved so we can get back to some sort of normality?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up performing a U-turn in order to ensure everyone is vaccinated.

We need to make sure the youngest members of society are vaccinated as they are spreading it like wildfire


I WALKED past one of the council’s street and dog waste bins. 

My nose was assaulted with the horrible odours and gases from it. I haven’t ever seen these bins jet washed or cleaned. I wonder if there is a schedule for emptying? I doubt it. 

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OUR story reporting that bus services are ‘falling apart’ according to a new report sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

The bus services in Glasgow are pathetic and add to global warming by increasing car 

Ancient diesel buses running around the city, filthy inside, when you complain platitudes about we are getting new stock. 

The Transport Minister is as bad when you raise an issue he passes the buck as he preens himself in front of a hydrogen bus in Aberdeen.

Commonwealth Games 2014 new stock appeared, whisked away afterwards to wherever leaving 52 and 54 plates to spew sewage around the city.

Ed Cartvale
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YOU only need to go as far as Edinburgh to see a joined-up public transport system in action. Night and day. 

Privatisation and subsidies make zero sense and the system is a pig’s ear of a shambles, enough.

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IT’S £20 for a return trip to the city centre for a family of four – no wonder the big shops are suffering. 

Families can’t afford it. 

Free transportation is the answer and then the town would be choc a block.

John McManus
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NICOLA STURGEON has to step in to ensure Glasgow has an adequate transport service as it is currently an utter joke.

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