YET another death after a collision between a car and an e-scooter.

On this occasion, a boy of 16 was the victim.

At least seven people have died whilst riding e-scooters and many more injured.

Adding on the number of pedestrians injured by e-scooter riders illegally on the pavement it is obvious that e-scooters have no place on our roads.

Seen by the green zealots as a way of cutting greenhouse gases this supposedly green idea has instead proved to be hazardous for the riders and pedestrians.

Politicians must ignore the vocal climate brigade and immediately halt the e-scooter trials taking place in 40 towns and cities across England.

If they wait until the trial ends next year there will be even more unnecessary deaths and injuries.

Clark Cross

Via email

GOOD to finally see some progress on allowing fans back into stadiums (Rangers confirm thousands of fans for Real Madrid friendly, Glasgow Times online).

The income and benefits generated by football should not be underestimated. Let’s go!

James Wilson

Posted online

FANTASTIC building, as is the nearby red sandstone, long derelict and public swimming baths (What should happen to the Bellgrove Hotel? Demolish or refurbish?, Monday).

The East End has been marginalised for too long. Urban Dystopia ensues, once you leave the Barras behind you and head Eastwards toward the Forge shopping centre. So much for the old GEAR approach to revitalising the Gallowgate.

The area has long lost any character. A joined-up approach to the future use of the Bellgrove should include public/ local debate.

Alan Fredericks

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WELL done to Boris Johnson for the rules that are planned for entry to nightclubs.

I hope Scotland follows the UK’s lead. If young people refuse to get their two vaccinations, they don’t deserve access to entertainment venues.

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