RESIDENTS in the South Side have kicked up a stink after being plagued by a “sewage hell” for more than two months.

Families have made a desperate plea for an end to their “misery” with a daily deluge escaping from an unknown source in Wellgreen Court, Pollokshaws.

They say the sight and smell of the mess has become “unbearable” and despite attempts by the factor to clean it up, the water keeps escaping into the common garden and spreading to nearby paths.

Glasgow Times:

However, Lowther Homes bosses insist they are taking all of the necessary steps to find a permanent solution.

Ross Noble, who lives in the block and first raised concerns in May, said: “This is ridiculous and it is becoming unbearable.

“At its peak, I measured the mess and it was 9ft by 4ft and people were avoiding the area.

“I spoke to a woman who wasn’t allowing her children into the area because it was so bad.

“There are also some elderly people in the block who are basically housebound.”

Following complaints from Mr Noble and other residents, staff from Lowther were dispatched to find a solution.

Glasgow Times:

After initial attempts to locate the source failed, specialists were sent out in July to dig up the space but, Lowther says, they were asked to leave by another neighbour.

They insist this is the reason for the delay on the work and promise they will soon return to begin the process again.

Mr Noble 56, added: “That is ridiculous. Why do they have to dig it up to find the source?

“It’s coming from a pipe. We have plans for all of the buildings in Glasgow.

“All it would take is for them to go down and look at them for an hour and they’d find it out.

“Part of the issue has been trying to speak to the council and my local councillors for help and keep getting ignored.

“I have a right to speak to them.”

Lowther bosses say they will return to the property to jet wash the area again today and attempt to start work next week.

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman said: “We’re very sorry for any delay in getting this work carried out. Our repairs team previously cleared the drain, but, unfortunately, it has become blocked again.

“At the start of July, we attempted to dig up the area to find the source of the problem, but our repairs team was asked to leave by a neighbour.

“The area will be jet washed today. 


“We’ll then carry out a full investigation and excavation work on or before July 29 to find the source of the blockage and to arrange for it to be fixed.”

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of an issue at this address and an officer is liaising with Lowther and Mr Noble to address his concerns and find a solution.”