A WOMAN grabbed a schoolboy and tried to stab him with a fork after he was calling her names.

The 12-year-old child was within the living room of his home with the window fully open when Sharon Bryson, 47, approached.

She began shouting “Ha-ha your dad is in the jail, and he didn’t even do anything”, before grabbing his arm through the window.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard: “She lunged towards him whilst holding a fork in an attempt to stab him.

“The boy managed to break free and closed the window. The accused began banging the window whilst shouting and swearing towards him.

“Police were contacted and attended. Officers observed the accused banging the window and shouting ‘I’m going to stab you’.

“Officers apprehended her, and she was conveyed to Govan police office."

Glasgow Times:

Bryson’s defence solicitor said that the boy’s family had been bullying his client and her partner.

He added: “She acted out of impulse and lost her temper. She accepts her behaviour. She realises she shouldn’t have taken her anger out on a 12-year-old boy.

“Her and her partner were subject to verbal abuse from the mother.

“The boy and another youngster were also calling her names, so the children were giving verbal abuse to her and her partner.

“Her position is that they were bullied by the family. On the day, she acted out of anger. She thought she could control her temper, but she couldn’t.”

Bryson has since moved away from the area and now lives in Knightswood.

Her lawyer added that she addressed previous alcohol issues and has been sober since May 2019, including on the day of the incident on May 1, last year.

Sheriff Paul Brown told her: “This is a matter which would attract a custodial sentence. However, you have spent some time in custody for it already.

“Be under no illusion, this is a serious offence. The victim was a 12-year-old boy. The reaction was an unacceptable response to name-calling.”

Bryson was ordered to stay within her home from 7pm-7am for 90 days and be under social work supervision for one year.