There are few things I want to do less during a heatwave than cook. With the last few days feeling more appropriate for Barcelona than Glasgow, one certainty is that the stove and oven are not coming on.

If there ever was a time for a takeaway it is this week - my flatmate and I fully embraced that mentality. I will note that we find the opportunity to justify a takeaway every week, but at least this week we could pretend it is because of the heat.

And what is more appropriate for a scorching day than summer rolls (it is in the title after all). With this in mind, we easily agreed on Thairrific.

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The first great success of the Sauchiehall Street location was the meticulous labelling of what can and cannot be made vegetarian or vegan. As a vegan but also an avid food lover, I am often conflicted by the lack of guidance on menus, and I definitely do not want to stick to vegan-only locations.

Glasgow Times:

Of course, alongside the craved summer rolls, we also needed to get the vegetable Pad Thai (without the egg for the aforementioned reasons). No fully knowing what it was, we also got the Sweet Basil sauce with vegetables and tofu.

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The Pad Thai was truly a testament that vegetables can do all the heavy lifting even without the eggs, the sauce was smoky and flavourful while the vegetables were the perfect level of stir-fried but not overdone.

Glasgow Times:

Even the wild card of the Sweet Basils would definitely get ordered again. The spicy and garlic-y sauce was the perfect addition to the tofu and vegetables. My flatmate also gave the egg noodles a strong verdict of approval.

Glasgow Times:

But sadly, the summer rolls which are usually the main event in my head failed to impress. Now, I may be a bit of a summer roll snob and I have tried them in every Glasgow restaurant I have seen offer them, but they were not the perfect summer dish I was hoping for.

I will excuse the loose rolling of the rice paper but even the fillings didn’t leave me wanting more. Little bundles of mango, avocado and other fresh vegetables usually work for all combinations of filling; however, these summer rolls were mainly lettuce and despite people’s common perceptions of vegan – I do not enjoy just eating plain lettuce/rabbit food.

Either way, it was definitely a successful night of not cooking, I would just leave out the summer rolls.

Mango Rolls: £6.50

Vegetarian Pad Thai (Vegan): £10.95

Sweet Basils (Veg and Tofu): £9.95

Plain Noodles: £3.50

Delivery fee: £3.00

Service fee: £1.55

Total: £35.45

Rating: ****