A MUM-of-six has avoided jail for a string of serious offences, including turning up at the school gates with a hammer and chasing a concierge with a brick.

Yasmin Sharif, 40, also assaulted two children who were out playing with her son.

She appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court after previously pleading guilty to three separate matters, all of which included a weapon of some sort.

In the first incident on July 19, 2019, Sharif, of Townhead, walked towards a Glasgow Housing Association concierge, and removed a brick from her handbag.

She shouted towards him “you a**hole, you b*****d, you’re making things difficult for me”.

Sharif, who previously sought asylum from Somalia, then chased him, whilst in possession of the weapon, before another person removed it from her hand.

Her defence solicitor said that her client was trying to find out about her anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) at the time, but “lost control”.

Just days later on July 23, 2019, Sharif’s child was playing with a group of others when they became involved in a game of chase, at around 8pm.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “Her own child became hurt and started to get upset. The accused ran towards the children and picked up a stick, which she brandished at them.

“She then threw a full plastic bottle at one of the children, aged 9 at the time, striking him on the back of the head.

“She then grabbed another child, aged 10, by her hair and hit her with a stick. She also slapped her to the back and to her stomach.”

Both children told their parents what had happened, and police were contacted.

Glasgow Times:

Sharif’s lawyer said: “Her child was being bullied, but she fully appreciates and understands her reaction was unacceptable behaviour. She understands the impact that her actions would have had on the victims.”

On August 18, last year, Sharif turned up to a primary school just before finishing time, with a hammer.

The prosecutor said: “At 2.50pm, a child development team leader was stationed at the entrance of the school.

“They observed the accused walking past the gates and striking the railings with a hammer. The accused then placed the hammer within her handbag. Police officers were contacted and attended.”

The defence solicitor explained that she turned up to pick up her own child and had the hammer for “protection”.

She added: “Ms Sharif had issues with two other females who had been gossiping about her. She removed the hammer to avoid any confrontation. She appreciates this is not the correct way to act.

“She appears to blame others for her conduct, although she is fully aware of the seriousness of the offences and that custody will be at the forefront of your mind.

“She has six children and two reside with her. She has had issues with her mental health. During the time of the offences, she was not taking her medication. She is now taking it and is much better.”

Sheriff Paul Brown told Sharif: “I’m told you will accept a community-based disposal. You have had some difficult experiences when you were younger, but this is a severe course of conduct.

“I will impose a community payback order but it’s an alternative to custody. Take this opportunity to turn this around. You can’t keep picking up weapons, as you will end up in prison. You have come very close to prison today. You need to stop this type of offending.”

She was ordered to stay within her home address from 7pm-7am for 270 days, and be under social work supervision for three years.