If you read our feature a few weeks back on the best outdoor bootcamps in Glasgow, then you might have found yourself equal measures intrigued and alarmed at the idea of battering a rubber tyre with a metal hammer in the name of fitness with 2PTs.

The duo behind the exercise, Gail Penman and Douglas Colquhoun, say that this is just the start of their plans to revolutionise the way we see our weekly workouts.

Gail said: “The whole ethos around 2 PTs is just to get you started in any way possible so that you realise just how powerful exercising outdoors can be.

“You don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing, what you know or what your abilities are.

"We just want you to turn up and give it a go.

"We’ll get you through and guarantee you’ll be absolutely buzzing afterwards.”

Recognising that their original bootcamp class might have fitness newbies feeling daunted, Gail and Douglas have devised a ‘Couch to Bootcamp’ programme, starting on August 2, to help participants of all abilities realise their true potential.

Gail said: “One of my clients is 72 and she was really interested in our bootcamp but felt a bit intimidated by it.

“We put our heads together and started to think of how we could hold a class that would suit older people, people who are in rehabilitation or even folk who just feel anxious about getting started.

“The aim of this class is just as much about building confidence as it is fitness levels.

"It’s a whole new concept where we’ll go right back to the basics.

“We’ve got tyres, skipping ropes, kettle balls, hammers you name it. It’s a really fun experience”

Specially designed to suit even the least sporty of us, 2PTs are combining their years of personal training expertise to ensure that the habits you learn with them will go far beyond your time on the field.

Douglas said: “The reality is if you’re a bit heavier or you’ve sat down for the whole of the pandemic then you might not even know how to squat.

“The difference is in this session is we’ll do masterclasses to make sure you’re learning these skills.

"We’ll show you how to do these movements with proper form to keep you safe.

“Every session we put in a couple of games which seem like absolute stupidity on the surface, but actually underneath we’re stealth working you, whether that’s your arms or your core.

“You might feel nervous, but myself and Gail will stand there and do it with you so you instantly have a buddy.

“And anyway, apart from all the physical benefits, when was the last time you threw a bean bag about a field and felt like a teenager?”

Glasgow Times:

The sense of community and fun surrounding the class is the product of the pairs own fitness journey’s, finding later in life that exercise was the answer to not only physical, but mental wellbeing.

Gail,52, Said: “We both came from a background where exercise really saved us and we just wanted to pay that back.

"I only started exercising properly when I was 48 and experiencing really bad depression and anxiety.

“Douglas and I have both been in that same position where you feel out of place exercising and know what it feels like when you’re not confident enough to visit the gym, which is why we want this class to be fully accessible to everyone.

“Because we’re completely non-judgemental of what people could going through, it becomes a place where you can come and focus fully on your own progress.

"A lot of our participants become friends outwith the club too because of that shared atmosphere.

“If you can push yourself on the field, you can take that feeling with you for the rest of the week and think ‘I am valuable, I am worth it’ and hold your head high.

"That’s why we do what we do.”

All of 2PTs fitness classes are held at the GHA Rugby field near Glasgow and have full access to the club’s facilities.

Gail and Douglas,51, have also worked closely with a covid marshal to ensure that you can exercise with them in confidence.

For more information on class schedules and pricing visit their website here.