People in Glasgow are being asked their views of the plan to begin phase two of the Low Emission Zone.

Currently the LEZ applies to buses in the city centre area but is intended to move to include cars and commercial vehicles next year.

Glasgow City Council has started a consultation on the plans asking people a number of questions to gauge opinion.

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The rules would mean only cars and vans and HGVs that meet higher emissions standards would be able to enter the LEZ.

It means many older cars, More than 15 years old, just now would not be able to enter the city centre. For diesel cars it is cars that are more than six years old.

The standards are Euro 4 for petrol cars, which is usually those registered after 2006.

Euro 6 for diesel, usually those registered after September 2015.

Euro IV for petrol buses, HGVs, registered after 2006 and Euro VI for diesel buses and HGV, usually after 2015.

The Zone will be the same as at present under phase one, which is the city centre, with he boundaries being the River Clyde to the south and the M8 to the north, Charing Cross to the west and High Street to the East.

Glasgow Times:

People are being asked if they agree with the standards, age of vehicles and if they think he zone is the right size or too big or too small.

The survey also asks people why they visit the city centre, if they are a resident, work, shop or study there.

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It asks how often people visit the city centre and what form of transport they take to get there and how they move around when they are there.

There are exemptions, including vehicles for disabled people, including blue badge holders, motorbikes, historic vehicles, police and emergency service vehicles, military vehicles and showman vehicles.

The LEZ Phase two is due to be in place in May 2022 but with a grace period of one year and an extra year, until May 2024, for city centre residents.

Afine of £60 would be given for breaching the LEZ rules, which doubles with every further breach up to £480.

Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction said: “Glasgow’s LEZ is intended to protect public health by improving air quality, which is of particular benefit to the most vulnerable as well as those with existing heart and lung conditions.

Glasgow Times:

“Environmental benefits include the accelerated uptake of lower emission vehicles, whilst economic advantages are also deliverable, with cleaner air increasing the attractiveness of our city centre.

“Our consultation sets out in full detail, the preferred scheme design for Phase 2 of Glasgow’s LEZ which will affect all vehicles entering our city centre from 1 June 2023, unless exempt.

“We would urge as many people as possible to find out more about Glasgow’s LEZ and share their opinions by taking part in the consultation which is open until early September.”

The survey can be found online here at Glasgow City Council