RANGERS fans were left in stitches over a newly-penned terrace chant for the club. 

The bashful supporter said he was "nervous" to share the chant, which is to be sung to the tune of the nursery rhyme Old McDonald Had A Farm. 

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It goes:

"Stevie Gerrard had a plan E-I-E-I-O, That was to stop the ten, E-I-E-I-O.

"With goals-goals here and goals-goals there.

"Here a goal, there a goal, everywhere a goal goal.

"Stevie Gerrard had a plan, E-I-E-I-O. Stevie Gerrard had a plan, E-I-E-I-O.

"With a happy bear here and a happy bear there, 

"Here a bear, there a bear, everwhere a bear-bear."

Chant writer Mason said: "Was working on a new chat to get Ibrox rocking when we are all back.

"Nervous to share this because I don’t normally do this but here it is and the tune is to Old MacDonald Had A Farm."

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He later added he had made himeself "look a fool" by misspelling the word chant in the original tweet. 

Most fans lapped it up but not all supporters were impressed. 

One Light Blues supporter said: "Half a mind to start supporting Thistle after reading that."

Another said: "Never thought Blue Sea Of Ibrox would be topped, but here we have it. Such lyrics."

We're not quite sure we can hear it being belted out at Ibrox ourselves but we are happy to stand corrected come Rangers' showdown against either Malmo FF or HJK Helsinki on Tuesday, August 3.