GLASGOW has been hotter than Ibiza today as temperatures hurtle towards 30 degrees celcius.

According to Google, the city has been enjoying warmer weather this week than many holiday hotspots such as Tenerife and Salou in Spain. 

But experts have warned this may be a sign of more extreme weather to come such as flash flooding.

Glasgow Times: Flash flooding on the road from Towthorpe to Strensall.

John Bynorth from Environmental Protection Scotland said the current heatwave is a clear sign of how the weather is changing across the world. He added: “It is great that people are getting this weather, a lot of people will be absolutely loving it, but it is incredible for this time of year in Scotland. This kind of weather has the potential to be more prevalent.

Glasgow Times:

“It seems great at the time with people out in paddling pools but this weather can have a big impact on people. Who’s checking up on older people? It would be great if people could keep this in the back of their minds and have a think about climate change and see if they can do anything differently.”

Here are some of the places Glasgow has been as hot as or hotter than over the last few days.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Glasgow has baked at temperatures of around 29 degrees today and while the Portuguese capital was just two degrees cooler at 27 degrees, it's not what you would expect for a Mediterranean city.

Glasgow Times:

2. Tenerife, Canary Islands

Just off the coast of Western Africa, you might expect Tenerife to be much warmer than Glasgow, but it was a pleasant 25 degrees today compared to Glasgow's 29 degrees celcius.

Glasgow Times:

3. Rabat, Morocco

Despite sitting on the edge of the Sahara Desert - one of the hottest places in the world - Rabat was five degrees cooler than Glasgow today.

Glasgow Times:

4. Salou, Costa Dorada, Spain

A favourite holiday destination for many a Glaswegian, the Catalonian resort was one degree cooler than the city today.

Glasgow Times:

5. Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

A favourite destination for the 18-30 crowd, island goers will be disappointed to see their home city is warmer than Ibiza.

Glasgow Times: