RANGERS fans are outraged the Glasgow Subway will close early on Sunday, before the end of their match against Real Madrid. 

Light Blues supporters took to Twitter to vent their fury over the early close of the underground system, amid fears fans will be stranded in Ibrox after the game or forced to pay through the nose for taxis home. 

The Ibrox side are due to face off against the Spanish in a pre-season friendly on Sunday, with kickoff at 6pm. 

Glasgow's Subway system closes early every Sunday, with the gates shut at 6pm. 

One raging fan said: "Only on Scotland. I've travelled all over the world and this is a truly pathetic example of how backwards this country is."

Another said: "I love Glasgow but this is a nonsense that continues to embarrass it."

In a tweet, the Glasgow Subway said: "If you are planning to travel to the Rangers vs Real Madrid match this Sunday at Ibrox, please note that Subway will be operating as normal and will close around 6pm and will not be operational when the match finishes. Please plan ahead and stay safe. "