IN reply to the Glasgow City spokesperson who brought up the subject of cultural vandalism in George Square, well they should look at the damage the Labour and the SNP parties have done to the city over the last 30 years.

Libraries and Community centres closed, shut down recreational facilities in public parks and as for George Square, how many times did they have to lay new lawns to replace the ones damaged due to exhibitions run by the City Council?

William McCarron


HAS anyone seen the state of the Cenotaph in Glasgow recently?

I drove past the other day and was immediately drawn to the algae trails that have been running down all four sides of it from the top to almost a third of the way down.

Emblazoned on the front of this monument is the words ‘We will remember’, yeah just not remember to clean the grime off the mausoleum that was built in honour of the fallen.

Glasgow City Council will not think twice about sending teams out with a jet wash to remove graffiti from shop fronts etc but let’s bypass the cenotaph that sits in front of the City Chambers – one of the most visited buildings in the whole of the UK.

The council should hang their collective heads in shame at the state they have left this symbol of remembrance to get into.

Richard Low


CAN anyone tell me when the works are going to finish on the M8 as you approach Charing Cross.

They appear to be never-ending and make travelling into and out of the centre an utter nightmare.

Do the works really have to take this long?

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I COMPLIMENT the Glasgow Times for highlighting the fly-tipping issue in Glasgow.

If citizens are getting a reduced service in respect of the no free bulk uplift service, then it’s only quite rightly so residents should pay a very much less council tax as well. You only need to walk through areas like Govanhill and Partick to see piles of fly-tipped material.

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