A UNION has slammed a Glasgow-based ice cream and churro bar for its "no tipping" policy. 

A customer at Loop and Scoop attempted to tip an employee at the chain's West End store on Great Western Road yesterday afternoon. 

But the member of the public was left shocked when he was told the staff member couldn't accept any money from him.

UNITE Hospitality has since hit out at the firm on social media.

They wrote: "Dear Loop and Scoop. There is no such thing as a 'No Tips Policy'. There is just an exploitative employer refusing to allow customers to tip workers for excellent service." 

It comes after the annoyed customer took to social media to share their experience. 

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In a message to the company, he wrote: "Hiya, I just tried to tip a member of staff in your West End shop because the queues are out of the door today and the staff are working incredibly hard, but he wouldn't let me because he wasn't allowed to take tips. Just wondering if there's a reason behind this?" 

Loop and Scoop replied: "Hey! We have a no tips policy as we aren’t like a restaurant where tipping is a gesture of good service toward the waiter, our orders are placed at the till removing a large element of that service.

“Then it’s storing it and splitting it up, declaring it to HMRC, processing it on payroll between the team etc.

“We did it in the past but it’s more difficult to manage and the monetary value wasn’t high either so in the end, it was simpler not to accept tips.

“We appreciate the gesture though, and maybe you could donate what you tried to offer to a charity of your choice.”

Loop and Scoop has been contacted for comment.