A TAXI driver looked like he wanted to "fight" the man he is accused of murdering, a court heard today.

Derek McClinton, 51, allegedly killed Craig Kearney, 24, by mowing him down before running over his head and body March 5, 2017.

Mr Kearney's girlfriend Olivia Geraghty, 28, told jurors at the High Court in Glasgow that the pair and friends had taken McClinton's taxi from the city centre after a night out.

It was earlier claimed by Ms Geraghty that Mr Kearney had repeatedly called McClinton "specky" during the journey.

The witness today claimed McClinton and Mr Kearney were involved in an argument after dropping a friend off.

Prosecutor Liam Ewing QC put a police statement Ms Geraghty gave on the day of the incident.

It read: "Craig went towards the back of the taxi and they were still arguing and shouting at each other as if both of them wanted to start fighting.

"There was no physical contact and the car was always between them.

"I can't remember the words exactly but I thought there was going to be a fight.

"It was like the driver wanted to fight, he jumped out the taxi but once they got out they both moved round the car as if there was going to be a fight."

Mr Ewing asked: "Was this the truth?" and Ms Geraghty replied: "Yes."

Ms Geraghty told the court she pulled Mr Kearney and burst his shirt before the pair walked away from the taxi.

She claimed that McClinton continued to follow them as they walked home.

Ms Geraghty stated she then paid McClinton for a possible second time when Mr Kearney went to do the toilet at a garage.

The witness alleged McClinton continued to keep tabs on them after the payment.

She said: "He mentioned something about the police and mentioning he knew where my friend stayed."

Ms Geraghty stated she then walked past Mr Kearney, went home and locked the door.

Mr Ewing asked what Mr Kearney was doing the last time she saw him and she replied: "The last time I saw him he was standing near the garage.

"He was two or three car lengths away from the taxi."

Mr Ewing asked if Ms Geraghty walked home alone and she replied: "Yes, I thought Craig might have followed me but he wasn't."

Ms Geraghty went to sleep before being woke up by her mum before 5am.

Mr Ewing said: "You heard Craig was found on the street and the police were making inquiries about that."

Ms Geraghty replied: "Yes."

McClinton's QC Donald Findlay asked if Ms Geraghty headed off because she was fed up with Mr Kearney's "carry on."

She said: "He wasn't behind me and I just assumed he would have been taken by the police."

It was put to Ms Geraghty that Mr Kearney and McClinton also had an argument over a seatbelt but the witness stated she couldn't remember.

Mr Findlay asked if Mr Kearney had ripped McClinton's taxi meter and kicked the car.

She again replied "No."

Ms Geraghty also stated that she felt scared of McClinton.

Mr Findlay said: "Your big strapping boyfriend was a foot away and Mr McClinton was on his own.

"Who is more scared, a family man confronted by a stranger or you."

She replied: "If he continued [to follow her walking route] I would be scared."

McClinton, also of East Kilbride, faces a separate charge of then attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He denies both charges.

The trial continues before Lord Armstrong.