SCOTLAND'S favourite weatherman has conducted an experiment to warn dog owners of the deadly risk posed by hot cars.

As a heatwave sweeps across Glasgow and the rest of Scotland, STV weather presenter Sean Batty took to social media to alert people that cars can quickly become ovens in rising temperatures. 

Sean left his car in the sun when the mercury as showing 27 degrees. After half an hour it had risen to a potentially dog-killing 47 degrees. 

He explained: "That simulates if you were at the supermarket, and you thought, I'm just popping in for bread and milk, the dog will be fine and you ran in, got caught up in a big queue and before you know it, the temperature in the car's hit 50 degrees. 

"Fatal and dangerous. Just something to bear in mind in the next couple of days, do not leave anything precious in the car in the coming days in this heat. 

"Do enjoy the weather, I don't want to be preaching to you. It's just something to remind you that it does get extremely dangerous in the car when we have high temperatures like this."