A pop-up dance show will be helping to delight South Siders this week, with a special performance in Queen's Park. 

Dance company Room 2 Manoeuvre will be bringing their City Breakz tour to Queen's Park on Friday July 23. 

The event will showcase four hip-hop dancers in separate performances around the park before they take part in a showdown at Queen's Park Arena at 4.10pm. 

The Queen's Park showcase is part of a UK-wide tour by the Edinburgh-based dance company, which began in Easterhouse last week. 

Glasgow Times: Pics: Gordon TerrisPics: Gordon Terris

Tony Mills, artistic director of Romm 2 Manoeuvre, said: “I myself have gone through those times of carrying my lino and boombox around the town trying to find somewhere to dance.

"I found spaces, buildings or venues where I and others were given room and encouragement to do our thing. But many of those spaces closed or were transformed.

"City Breakz is about that journey of trying to find those spaces in your home town where you fit in, where you can develop a sense of belonging and carve out your identity.

Glasgow Times: Pics: Gordon TerrisPics: Gordon Terris

“In the rapid urbanisation of towns and cities, it feels almost as if culture is being squeezed out to the periphery. So, I want to bring it back to the concrete streets, using an image that, beneath the surface, reveals something inherently important to all of us.”

The event is free to attend but tickets are required, with pre-booking still available on the day of the performance. 

To book your ticket, you can visit the event page here